Wednesday, June 6, 2007

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Real Estate Investing Information, by Michael Hrisko

Multitasking and Real Estate Investors

Multitasking can be defined as simultaneously performing multiple tasks or able to execute multiple tasks at one time or even performing more than one job at the same time.

There are many books, articles, seminars, CD’s and other information available on multitasking and real estate investing.

Let’s put them together. Real estate investors must be able to multitask. They need to know a great deal about the different aspects of real estate investing, construction, scheduling, finances, liability, networking, estimating time, exit strategies, building codes, permitting, inspections, business procedures and a myriad of other processes and procedures to be a successful real estate investor.

Yes, the real estate investor has a team to assist in many aspects of the real estate investing process and they are the ones that make the final decisions concerning their property, perspective property, rehabbing project, who to hire, etc. The investor must track the job and in fact manage the team.

The real estate investor is ultimately responsible for ensuring all issues are addressed and resolved. Again, the experts on the team are there to assist and advise. The investor makes the final decision.

At times, quick decisions must be made to change a process, procedure or construction schedule while working on another piece of the puzzle.

Multitasking and real estate investors do go together. If you are thinking of becoming a real estate investor, it is imperative that you are able to multitask to protect your assets and business.